When It Comes To Super Bowl Predictions, It’s All About Me! February 4, 2013 by Chris LeBrun

Having my New England Patriots one game (really, one half) away from a second straight Super Bowl is a hard thing to process.  The pragmatist in me says given last year’s repeat loss to the NY Giants, it’s better to not make it to the big game than lose again.  And while there are 29 other team’s fans in the exact same boat as you, getting knocked out of the playoffs right before the big game means you’re still a little sad and laissez-faire about the whole game.

But I was reminded the other day that I DO have something to cheer for this year and while it pains me to cheer for the Baltimore Ravens after they knocked out the Pats 2 weeks ago, I’m cheering for them, not because I have some nostalgic feelings about the retiring accused murder-conspirator, Ray Rice.  As usual with a narcissist, it’s all about me!

I’m cheering to be right! Again!

On The Sideliners Show, a (mostly) weekly radio show I host with my good buddy Matthew Orian, we cover the NFL closer than any other sport, with Matt making weekly picks and talking breaking down the action each week.  For the 4-year existence of the show, we’ve also made preseason Super Bowl predictions about the records of each team, as well as our picks for the NFC and AFC representatives in the Super Bowl and the winner of the championship game.

The 2009-2010 NFL season was the first season we were on the air and in August Matt picked the New Orleans Saints to beat the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XLIV.  (Matt would also, for some inexplainable reason, pick the Chargers to win Super Bowl XLV)  I predicted Super Bowl XLIV would be between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints, and the Saints would win!

Sadly, I didn’t put any money on it!  Even more sad was the fact that Matt kept trying to steal my glory by reminding me every time I brought up my flawless record of Super Bowl predictions that he also had picked the Saints to win!

The next two years were nothing to speak of.  Both of us had our predicted winners in the big game, Matt’s pick of the Packers in Super Bowl XLV and my pick of my Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, but nothing like the first year.  Should we chalk it up to beginners luck and move on? Not so fast!

My preseason Super Bowl predictions for Super Bowl XLVII: the Baltimore Ravens to beat the San Francisco 49ers!

So, in spite of my sadness over the Patriots not being in the big game, I am happy that 2 out of 4 years I have picked both teams and the winners!  Now to start swinging by Vegas with my preseason picks, rather than just blabbing them on my little radio show!

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