The Grammys Make a Statement February 13, 2012 by Chris LeBrun

Two amazing things happened at last night’s Grammy Awards show that reveal the true focus of the music community. No I’m not talking about host LL Cool J opening the show with a prayer (a Grammys first) for Whitney Houston’s family just 24 hours after the pop diva’s death. And I’m not talkingabout the exorcism of Nicki Minaj live on stage for all to see (excuse me Father, but I think you missed a spot there!)

What I’m speaking of is two very different comebacks from two very different artists: Chris Brown & Adele.

Chris Brown won the Grammy last night for best R&B Album, just 3 years after he reportedly beat his girlfriend Rihanna so bad the 6-time Grammy awards winner couldn’t perform at the 2009 Grammys. For the past couple years Brown has stayed away from Rihanna (thanks to a protective order) and out of the limelight (thanks to public outcry for Breazy’s aggressive behavior).

But the tide of public opinion may be shifting. Brown performed not once but twice last night, a sign that the National Academy Recording Arts & Sciences is certainly willing to give Brown another chance.

Rihanna is also rumored to be giving Brown another shot (pun intended) now that the restraining order has expired. And judging by the number of tweets from women that say (believe it or not) they’d let Chris Brown beat them, a certain portion of the public is willing to look past his apparent anger issues. (That said, I’m not sure which is higher in this group of “ladies,” their collective IQs or their collective number of baby-daddies!)

The clear winner of the night, however, was Adele, the British singing sensation who went six for six last night, including Grammys for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year. Adele made her return to the stage after a 4-month absence due to throat surgery to repair her vocal cords.

She brought the house down!

But Adele is anything but a pop princess. Although she’s a pretty girl, according to Hollywood’s standards she’s a bit overweight. And her performances are not filled with crazy costumes, stunts, dancers, or special effects, especially compared to someone like Katy Perry, who actress Kate Beckinsale introduced as someone “who can shoot fireworks out of her boobs.” Rather, Adele simply stands there in an elegant black dress and sings.

Now there’s a novel idea!

What both Adele and Breazy have in common is their talent at their craft and both were honored last night for their ability to sing – nothing else. All the people who are praising the Grammys for recognizing Adele over the industry’s shock-performers (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, not to name names or anything) must also understand that the Grammys have to reward Chris Brown for his ability to sing, in spite of all his personal problems. You can’t have it both ways.

It’s not to say that Perry and Gaga aren’t musically talented (notice I left Minaj out of that statement – I don’t know WHAT she is!), it’s just nice be able to strip all that other stuff away and have a real artist who is confident enough to just sing.

And shouldn’t that be the real focus of the Grammy Awards?

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