I’m guessing the majority of American adults have moments from college that they can’t remember, typically because of some drunken night at the frat house.  For me, however, many of those moments that have become fuzzy recollections from my college career hail from times that I was completely sober.  To make matters worse, many of them they came at times that I was up on stage in front of hundreds of my peers.  So there’s lots of witnesses.

One such moment was the “infamous” Cricket Song.

It was just 3 years ago that I was reminded (by Dore) of the minor role I played in this song of “legendary proportions.”  While I strummed my guitar, Mike Ahn sang a highly personal song that ranged the entire emotional spectrum.

From that moment 3 years ago when my memory was tweaked enough to remind of the event, I’ve wondered exactly what the song was like.  Now thanks to Jennifer and the video shot in the fall of 1998, I present to you the Cricket Song!