One of the things I’m most excited about moving back to Maryland is the opportunities to go hiking, especially on the Appalachian Trail. The boys have never really been on the AT and I’m thrilled to share with them something that means so much to me.

When I lived in Maryland before, I attempted to hike the entire Maryland section of the AT (40 miles) in a weekend but fell about 10 miles short because I would arrive in Harpers Ferry too late to get my car out of the parking lot at the National Park. So I planned my first hike with the boys to cover the section I needed to complete so I could check Maryland off.

We started at the Gathland State Park and hiked a couple miles north to Crampton Gap shelter Friday night. On Saturday we hiked south for a whopping 4 miles to the Ed Garvey Memorial Shelter. The next day we hiked the remaining 6 miles into Harper’s Ferry where Suzy picked us up and rewarded us with pizza and chocolate milk.

Even though we took a whole weekend hike 10-12 miles, I knew I needed to ease the boys into hiking, especially since I didn’t have good packs for them. Neither of them had waist belts so it was ll on their shoulders. While Chris loved hiking, Nate stated he never wanted to do it again.

Despite not hiking very far, it was great to get back on the Trail and loved doing it with the boys…even if they didn’t love it as much as I did. And I was thrilled to finally finish the Maryland section. One state down, 13 to go!