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Election 2012 Predictions

Election 2012 Predictions

I hate it when there’s something going on and I can’t remember what it is! I’m not even sure where I heard about this; it was either on the news or some flyer I got in the mail, but it seems like it’s there’s something important happening tomorrow and for the life of me I just can’t remember what it is! Of course I highly doubt anyone has forgotten that tomorrow is Election 2012 here in the US. Tomorrow we finally start to find closure to all those months of hateful, negative comments thrown back and forth about Obama and Romney; from all the lies told...

LeBrun’s Rules for Political Debate

LeBrun’s Rules for Political Debate

Over the last few years I have remained mostly quiet about my political views, despite a love discussing policies and strategies. I’ve talked about politics some on my weekly Internet radio show, The Sideliners Show, but not on my blog or other social media sites. This has been due, in part, to the emerging political environment that has devolved to attacking opponents rather than addressing the issues.  This is evidenced by biased bloggers who care more about getting the story first rather than actually getting the story right and the popularity of social networks where anybody can parrot biased talking points...

Facebook: A Love/Hate Relationship 1

Facebook: A Love/Hate Relationship

I think it was Shakespeare who penned the poignant and hauntingly beautiful phrase, “Women! You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them!”  What The Bard didn’t realize about his completely mysognistic and inappropriate statement is that nearly 400 years after his death, his words would still be true about women but also about Facebook. Can I get a witness?

Keeping Secrets 2

Keeping Secrets

A couple of months ago I learned a secret about a friend and it’s been killing me ever since! Now I’m not talking about “they used to wear a clip on earring to try to look like George Michael on the cover of the Faith album” kinda secret.  I’m talking about a serious, jaw-dropping, nobody else knows whopper that leaves you stunned for days! And I can’t tell a soul!

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