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The Day of Reckoning 0

The Day of Reckoning

The day is finally here and now I’m anxiously waiting for the hour to arrive when I learn my fate!  Most people dread this day (and I’m not talking about tax day) but I not me!  I’ve been counting down, much like a child anxiously counts down till Christmas. Hopefully what awaits me tonight isn’t as disappointing as the pair of dress sock, shampoo (believe it or not) and that tube of Pepsodent toothpaste I got for Christmas each year from my grandmother! What am I so excited about, you ask? (Go ahead — I’ll wait while you ask)! Tonight...

Ranking the Freaks 1

Ranking the Freaks

I’m wearing my Patriots jersey for today’s game.  It’s a Tom Brady home replica jersey but the #12 is faded in some places.  I’ve worn this jersey every Sunday the Pats have played for the last 3 or 4 years.  Hence faded numbers. I’m also wearing a Patriots ball cap.  It get’s worn more than just Sundays during the season and of course I’ve got a couple Patriots t-shirts that get worn regularly year round. But it’s not just football.  I have 2 Red Sox jerseys (a home and an away version) that get worn a lot during the endless...

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