While camping at nearby Little Bennett Regional Park with part of my church’s youth group we went over to Sugarloaf Mountain to do a little hiking. In a classic move, rather than hiking the quarter mile from the parking lot to the top of Sugarloaf, we took the kids on the 5.6 mile Northern Peaks Trail to get to the summit.

Of course, some of the motivation to take the round-about way was to kill time and get them tired so they’d not be up all night. But I enjoyed the trail quite a bit. About halfway through, we were rewarded with a beautiful overlook at White Rocks (which I found out later, has some climbing routes). The trail has a good amount of elevation change as it winds its way up and down several peaks around Sugarloaf before coming back to the summit.

While I’ve been to Sugarloaf to climb in the Devil’s Kitchen, we never hiked to the summit. In addition to missing out on the views, I had never seen the other climbing areas near the summit. I will definitely be back to climb those!