I just opened a new container of coffee on January 1 and I got really, REALLY excited! New coffee for the new year! Does it get any better than that?

No, it wasn’t a new brand or some exotic beans that I picked up on my travels. It was the same ol’ Folgers that I buy at Costco by the pallet load. No, I didn’t get a fancy new brewer or some new-fangled pour over method to make the coffee. (I may have a beard but I am not a hipster!)

Call me crazy but I’ve always gotten excited about the little things that bring a sort-of synchronicity to life. Having just enough cereal and just enough milk to make one last bowl of cereal is a thing of beauty! When I used to stuff my own appeal letters, I would love it when I grabbed exactly the same amount of envelopes as I had letters.

So it was in that vein that I got excited about opening a new container of coffee on the first of the year. Not because the coffee symbolized a new beginning, a new lease on life. I was just tickled, almost giddy, that I got to experience something as simply random as new coffee on the first day of the new year.

Sometimes my wife accuses me of being a 12-year old but wasn’t life more fun and less stressful at 12? I know I can’t ditch the bills and the job and completely revert back to a pre-teen but I can get excited about my coffee running out at the same time as 2018. But I think that’s a healthy thing! There’s enough in the world that brings me down. Finding joy wherever you can might just be the thing that makes 2019 your best year yet!

I don’t know if you make resolutions or not but think how much better this world would be if we could all look for and get excited about those random little occurrences in life.

So here’s to 2019! May it be a year where we celebrate more and take time to find joy in the journey.