We spent a couple days in West Virginia over the holidays and since we couldn’t check into our Air BnB until 5:00, I convinced the family we should go a little bit out of the way to check out The New River Gorge.

I’ve long wanted to come to “The New” to go rock climbing but haven’t quite made it over here yet. I know I’m not in shape for the 5.9 and up sport and trad routes and there’s relatively few top rope routes that the rest of the family would be up for. But I at least wanted to see where all the action is.

Turns out, I should have done my homework better to find out exactly where the crags are located. I thought I would see massive, sheer walls right by the bridge but that turned out not to be true. We did enjoy walking down to the bridge observation point. I definitely want to come back to go climbing and kayaking at some point!