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Movin’ On Up To The Southside

Today was my last day at my job of 4+ years.  While I’m sad about leaving a job I loved and people I love working with, I’m very excited about my new job and all the opportunities it holds.

The only problem is I gotta move from Michigan to Florida.  On the surface, I’m sure you’re thinking that’s a “rough” move.  Come wintertime, I’m sure I’m not going to be complaining too much (Floridians turn on the electric blanket and space heater when it gets down to 50, or the average temperature for May in Michigan!)  Let’s be honest, both Florida and Michigan have more extreme weather patterns and negative elements (take your pick: constant lake effect snow that mires every day life, or the occasional hurricane that destroys your house?)

But it’s the getting from here to there that has really dampened my the emotions as I end of one chapter of my life and start another chapter.  Instead of spending time laughing with co-workers about the great memories we’ve shared, I’m canceling my utilities and getting frustrated at the lack of appreciation for customer loyalty from some.  And instead of looking excitedly toward the new possibilities that wait in Florida, I’m haggling with the moving company about the date for loading and unloading,

I guess my experience isn’t dissimilar from thousands of other U.S. Americans who move every year.  And a month from now, while I may still be going through boxes looking for the 3-hole punch my wife forgot to enter in the packing notebook, the stresses of moving will be mostly forgotten.  I will have been boogie boarding on Cocoa Beach and maybe, just maybe, if I play my cards right, I’ll have gone to Disney on a resident season pass!

So for now, empathize with me over the struggles of packing box after box after box of my wife’s decorative plates and don’t hate me too much when I’m surfing in January.

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