My Supervision Long Distance Dedication May 16, 2013 by Chris LeBrun

Casey Kasem Long Distance DedicationTonight our Long Distance Dedication comes to us from Florida where a man has mixed emotions about his upcoming transition at work.  His name is Chris and he writes:

Dear Casey,

I know most of your Long Distance Dedications are from one person to another (except for that one about dead dog, but I know that’s a sore subject). Tonight, I have a dedication of a different type and I hope that you will play it.

You see, for the past couple of years I’ve worked at a private high school outside Orlando.  My wife’s job is almost 60 miles away in Cocoa Beach.  This means I have to commute over an hour each way every single day.  Each morning I leave before my family gets up and most nights I don’t get home before my kids go to bed.  The commute makes me tired all the time and it’s hard to be away from my family so much.

To make matters worse, once a week I have to supervise campus after school gets out.  This means I get home even later that usual!  Most of the time my, wife has already gone to bed.

This summer I’m going to be leaving my job at the school.  While I’m sad about leaving my co-workers and not being around so many really cool students the one thing I’m not going to miss is my daily commute and especially my evening supervision.

So tonight, while I’m away from my family on my last night of supervision, could you please play Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and dedicate it to my campus supervision.  It’s something I truly won’t miss having to do ever again….like ever!

Well Chris, here you go!