It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon April 2, 2011 by Chris LeBrun


I remember the first time I bought stocks.  A tip from my sister — who had never bought stocks before — led me to invest $500 of my hard earned money into a small, cancer research company that was supposed to be due for a big jump.  I bought at mid $16 and for the next 3 months, I watched a stock ticker fluctuate between $15 and $17, taking my emotions on a roller coaster ride.  At $15 I was at the depths of despair, kicking myself for throwing away my life savings (I was 1 year out of college); at $17 I was on cloud nine, dreaming of all the ways I could spend my massive earnings.

All this drama for 30 shares!

I eventually learned that there’s no reason to worry 27 different times each day that the trading price was below my purchase price.  I know I should take this attitude when it comes to baseball but it’s so hard.

Take the start the Red Sox are having.  MLB teams play 162 games a year. To put it in perspective, that’s 10 times as many games as the New England Patriots will played in the NFL last year (who knows what will happen in the NFL next year).  And they play one less home game at Fenway then the entire Celtics’ NBA season of 82 games.  Not to mention that Sox will play their American League East rival Yankees almost 20 times this season.

So why am I still stressing and totally bummed that it looks like the Sox will drop their first two games of the season to the Texas Rangers?

We must be so short-sighted that we forget that in baseball you can go on a 20-game losing streak and still be ok (it’s like losing 2 games in a row in the NFL).  And even though it’s ALWAYS nice to beat those stupid Yankees and win the division, 2004 proved that getting the wild card can still result in a World Series win, even if you’re down 3 games to none in the league championship series!

So it is these fond memories of 2004 (and 2007 when we DID win the division on our way to another World Series victory) that will accompany me as I cry myself to sleep, saying those words all Red Sox fans know so well, “There’s always next year!”

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