I’m With The Band! February 18, 2012 by Chris LeBrun

Whether you call it coincidence or fate, there has been a convergence of college memories and friends this past week, with music being the common thread.

In what may be breaking news to some (quick, call Tom Brokaw), I managed to be quite involved in the music scene on campus during my college years.  For being at a small liberal arts college in Texas, I think we had more than our fair share of amazing musicians, singers, songwriters, and performers. (If you don’t believe, ask American Idol.  They seemed to like my friend Rickey Smith!)

For all the talent our little school had, I was no where near the top of the heap!

Sure, I was a marginally good guitar rhythm guitar player in those days and I went a little further than dabbling in song writing.  I performed some of my original works at school talent shows, in spite of my singing being less memorable than my guitar playing; my piano skills were even less impressive than my singing. Not surprisingly. I never won any awards at the talent show and quickly decided I could find other ways to make a fool of myself on stage in front of the whole school!

I was, however, the best harmonica player in the whole school, if I do say so myself!

Even though I was never the star performer that others were, I managed to find ways of being involved in their creative journey just enough to find satisfaction, if not pure energy and joy, from my small, supporting role. I did it all — from helping muddle through the red-tape of the copyright process, working on concert riders and indexsy marketing tactics, and listening to demos and giving feedback.  And of course there were many times accompanying other singers on the guitar.  Those times were my favorites cause I didn’t have to worry about singing!

It is my belief that being in that environment, around those people, was what fueled much of my own creative success.  After leaving college I have only been part of a handful of creative projects (more on the side of video/film production rather than music) and those have only really only happened when I was surrounded by other creative-types.

While there are too many people to name individually (and I certainly don’t want to insult anyone by leaving them out) I want to say thank you for inspiring my creativity with yours!

Below I’ve posted links to some current projects of some of the people who influenced me, collaborated with me, and, most importantly, people I consider friends!  I encourage you to check them out and, if possible, support their projects.

Even though I’m not on the same campus as these folks anymore, I still get inspired by what they are doing.  Maybe I’ll go dust off that guitar and see how long it takes for my fingers to start hurting….



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