Over the holiday weekend I spent a couple days in America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.  As you can imagine from an almost 450 year old city, there is lots of history crammed into this tiny little town.  But the most amazing thing we saw by far was the Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church (FMPC).

Built in 1890 for the price tag of just $500,000, FMPC was funded by Henry Morrison Flagler, a railroad tycoon and partner in Standard Oil.  Flagler started wintering in northern Florida in 1876 and by 1888 had built the Ponce de Leon Hotel, a 540-room architectural beauty that helped shape St. Augustine as the “American Riviera.”

Designed in the Second Renaissance Revival style, the FMPC was inspired by St. Marks Basilica in Venice. Flagler, his first wife, daughter and granddaughter are interred in a marble mausoleum off the main chapel.

Here are some of the shots: