Doomsday Preppers: The Fine Line Between Crazy & Prepared December 6, 2012 by Chris LeBrun

After placing all the groceries on the belt I glanced over and a saw a multi-pack of lighters on the shelves by the checkout.  I quietly placed one pack in with the vegetables waiting to be rung up, wondering how long it would take my wife Suzy to notice their addition to our purchases.  I also wondered what excuse I’d give her when she asked why I was buying so many lighters, considering neither of us smoke.

She asked; I managed to change the subject at the checkout!  It wasn’t till we got home and our 9-year old asked why Daddy got “flame throwers” (gotta love the imagination!) that Suzy figured it out.

“Oh, I know why Daddy got flame throwers,” she said, partially disgusted at herself for not figuring it out sooner but mostly “disgusted” at me for buying them.

“Daddy’s prepping!”

doomsday preppers chris lebrun If you haven’t seen the show Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic Channel you really haven’t lived yet!  The show is an amazingly addictive train wreck of humanity, that highlights average Americans who are taking drastic measures to prepare for an event of apocalyptic proportions.  Most of the people on the show have spent tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, to make sure they will have food, shelter, security, and protection after Doomsday!

While I think most of these preppers are a few sources short of a complete bibliography part of me wonders if there isn’t a little method mixed in with all their madness!

Sure, a nuclear war between Russia or an earthquake that splits the U.S. down the Mississippi River might be pretty far-fetched but what about a breakdown of the economic system, regardless of the reason?  Or another “superstorm” like Sandy that knocked out the power and displaced tens of thousands of people for weeks?  Are you prepared to weather that storm? (pun intended)

doomsday preppers season 2 chris lebrunUsing our camping stove and whatever propane I have in the garage (I usually have a couple extra bottles on hand) might get us through a week-long power outage but we don’t have a lot of other things necessary like candles and extra batteries.  And it depends on where we are in our shopping cycle to know for sure if we’d have enough of the right food to get us through a short-term disaster without fighting through the crowded stores filled with all the other procrastinators!

But what about longer than a week?  A month? How long could you survive?

There has to be some middle ground between the wackadoos on Doomsday Preppers and most of us who do nothing at all to prepare for any disaster until it’s breathing down our necks!  (Doesn’t that make us the bigger wackadoos)?

I guess the question is “can you be prepared with out being crazy?” I certainly hope so!

And catch Doomsday Preppers Tuesdays at 9:00pm on Nat Geo!

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