When we lived in Maryland the first time, Carderock was a regular climbing spot for us. During the summer months, we were out here a couple times a month. That was before kids, of course. Now that we’re back in Maryland, we were anxious to get back to climbing (it’s been forever) and we wanted to bring the boys.

There are several reasons that Carderock is a great climbing spot, especially for beginners. It has an easy approach and lots of good toprope routes with easy set-up, but there’s some more challenging toprope and trad routes as well. It also lacks in height (you’ll be hard-pressed to find a route longer than 50 feet) which is also good for beginners.

We didn’t climb long (the boys were getting antsy and we were heading into DC for the 4th of July fireworks) but it was great to be back on the rock after living in Florida. I hope we can get out here somewhat regularly to knock the rust of.

Climb on!