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Blame It On Bush

Gas prices soared above $4.00 a gallon this week in Southwest Michigan.  The public outrage was immense.  Hundreds of Michiganders picketed gas stations, blocked tanker trucks from reaching the stations, and ransacked the convenience stores at many local gas stations. As the kids said in the 90s — not!

The fact is that most Americans are spending hundreds of dollars more each month to do the things they normally do but there is virtually no public outcry whatsoever.  Sure, there’s private complaints, passed back and forth from husband to wife.  But by and large the media has been oddly silent on the subject.

That’s only because they haven’t quite figured out how to blame it on President Bush yet!

Remember back in 2008 when gas prices spiked over $4.00 for a brief period, the media devoted hundreds of hours of news casts with in-depth reporting on how Bush and his wars in the Middle East were causing oil prices to soar, sending gasoline up as well.

The fact is that they were partially right.  Without going into all the ins and outs of oil futures, unrest in the Middle East is certainly a contributor to rising oil prices and in 2008 we were firmly planted in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  So from that perspective you can make a viable argument to place some of the blame on Bush as Commander-in-Chief.

Fast forward to 2011.  We’re still in Afghanistan in a serious way and while our military involvement in Iraq is much less than it was in 2008, we still have a military presence there. But I dare say that the recent unrest in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen, not to mention our less-than-stellar military action in Libya, I’d dare say there’s more unrest in the Middle East now than 3 years ago.

So why don’t we place some of the blame on our current Commander-in-Chief?

At this point I’m not going to waste any energy getting upset that the media isn’t placing any blame on Obama.  Worrying that they’re not treating him the same way they did Bush could be a full-time job.

But I AM upset that also missing in 2011 is all those educational pieces the media gave us in 2008.  Because one tactic the media used to keep the focus on the high gas prices (that were brought on by Bush) was to tell us all the tricks in the book for better fuel efficiency: driving slower, over-inflating tires, and taking the “morning-after” pill to reduce the chance that your pocketbook got screwed on your last trip to the pumps!

Not that I used any of those tips but I’d really like to feel that the media still “cares” about my finances the same way I felt they cared in 2008.  The only problem is that if they run all those stories again, they’ll be reminding the public that there’s a problem with gas prices. And since they can’t figure out how to blame Bush, it’s probably best not bring the subject up at all.

Unless they can find a way to blame the gas prices in 2011 on Bush… there’s a thought!

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