barn door desk X-legsWell I finally finished my barn desk door project!  This was originally the door to the milking parlor in my grandfather’s New Hampshire barn (seen in the picture on my computer).  We rescued two additional doors (my sister is currently laying claim to those) and some other barn wood a few years back and we finally got around to doing something.

This desk is replacing a tall, skinny desk with built-in shelves so storage is definitely going to be a problem.  I’m also realizing that we need some additional decorations on the wall but that will come with time!

Here was how I finished up the barn door desk project and some more pictures!

clean door

After and Before Cleaning

After I finished painting the X-legs it was finally time to clean up the barn door, which I had kind-of been using as a work table during the project.  As you can tell, a little soap, water & elbow grease went a LONG way in cleaning up the door.  As much as I loved it before washing it I loved the wood even more after getting several decades of bard dust and dirt off it!  Following the advice of the lady in the paint department at my local Home Depot, I used a spray sealer to protect the desk because she said it was less likely to yellow compared to the paint-on sealers.

X-legs barn door deskThen all that was left was assembling the legs and cross bar and attaching the desk.  I called in some help for this one, getting my father and brother-in-law to help! We put two screws in the X-legs to hold them horizontally.  The cross-bar was attached by two lag screws that held the legs together vertically.

X-legs barn door desk

The finished X-legs

Getting the barn door centered on the legs was a bit of a challenge because the door is not cut square on the top or the bottom.  We also had to be careful when drilling through the desk to angle the screws into the legs so they wouldn’t break through.

The final touch was to attach two power strips to the back of the cross bar.  This will minimize the amount of wires down below the desk, which will make my wife very happy!  I’m also looking for a blotter or something to place under the computer to help protect the soft wood from scrapes and dings.

I love the desk and have loved building it, especially when my Dad was helping since it was his Dad’s barn!  Hopefully my boys will someday value this piece of history as well.

barn door desk