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Bad Will Toward Goodwill

Let me start off by saying I think Goodwill is a great organization, from what I can tell.  From

a political perspective, it’s quite possible that Goodwill is one of the truly bipartisan companies: conservatives love the positive economic impacts the company makes on local communities while liberals love how the company protects our environment by keeping lots of junk out of the landfills!

That said, I absolutely hate taking things to Goodwill.  I know it’s an irrational feeling but I can’t seem to shake the idea that the person receiving my stuff is looking at me, judging me based on what I’m delivering them.  She doesn’t come right out and say it, but her eyes are telling me “Seriously, you think someone else is gonna want that junk?”

Mind you, I have not problem taking bags of clothes and toys to Goodwill late at night and dropping them off the donation shed.  There’s no on looking at your stuff until you’ve long gone and therefore it’s anonymous!  Well, they SAY there’s a camera watching you for “illegal dumping” but I’ve looked long and hard and haven’t found one yet.  Besides, I’m sure if there is one they’re really using it to figure out which black trash bags of stuff were brought by me so they can judge me!

This irrational fear I have is having an influence on our packing as we prepare to move.  I’m very choosy about what stuff I want to take to Goodwill — it almost has to be brand new stuff, with the label still on it for me to put it in the Goodwill pile.  They can’t judge me on new stuff (well, they can’t judge me as much!)  My wife, on the other hand, says, “Give it to Goodwill and if they don’t want it, they can get rid of it”

I know her thought process is “give them the opportunity to decided they don’t want it rather than deciding for them” which is a very rational, logical viewpoint.  In fact, if I were the manager of a Goodwill store, that’s the approach I’d want people to take….I’ll be the judge of what we sell and what we don’t sell (see how judgmental they are?)

But in my admittedly warped and twisted view on the situation, it sounds like to me that she’s letting Goodwill dig through our trash to see if they want anything.  Goodwill is closer than the dump and instead of having to pay to take stuff to the dump they give us a tax deduction.

So in an attempt to try and get over these irrational fears, I’m seeing a psychiatrist twice a week and going to a twelve step program every day.  One unexpected side-effect of this treatment schedule is that I’m getting out of a lot of packing.  Which means when I come home the wife has added a lot more junk to the Goodwill pile for me to deliver!

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