3 Dos & Don’ts For Your Man on Valentine’s Day February 13, 2013 by Chris LeBrun

Let’s face it: Valentines Day is a holiday for women!  Every ad on TV and radio, every special in the store — they’re all aimed at what to buy your woman for Valentines Day!  But if the day is truly a celebration of love, shouldn’t there be as much focus on the man as there is on the woman?

Some women say they don’t know what to get their man on Valentine’s Day.  This is because the media has branded this a day to only pamper the ladies.  Maybe it’s this “tough guy” image we’re supposed to embody but I’m sure most guys would love to have their woman put half as much thought and effort into Valentine’s Day as they do.  Granted, it’s hard to do half of what some guys do but I digress.

So if you are thinking about doing more for your man on Valentine’s Day this year, here are 3 Dos and 3 Don’ts when it comes to what to get him to make him feel just a little more special tomorrow.

3 Dos

Sports Gear
I don’t care how many shirts, jerseys, polos, hats, hoodies, golf balls, license plate holders, or coffee mugs (you get the point) your man has for his favorite teams — he can ALWAYS use more!  There’s a good chance you’ve been embarrassed by his old, ratty gear that he refuses to stop wearing, so get him something new to embarrass you in!  And the best time to tell him you can’t wear this new jersey to your sister’s wedding is as soon as you give it to him and he’s still euphoric.  Then later, when he’s trying to get out of going to the wedding altogether, it’s just a simple reminder that he agreed to go and not wear the jersey!

Most guys love events – concerts, games, monster truck rallies, etc.  As long as it doesn’t involve the mall, antiques, topiaries, or poetry we’re pretty much down for going to it, especially if they serve “fair food.”  And if you can do a little betting at the event, that’s double awesome!  This is the time of year when bands start releasing their summer concert tour schedules and many sports tickets are available.  Be sure to get two tickets even if you would rather poke yourself in the eye with a stick than go with; tell him you want him to take a buddy that will enjoy the event.  For The Win!!

Most every guy loves electronics to the point that oftentimes the only thing keeping your man from coming home with a new gadget is fear that we’ll be in trouble!  So do one better and get it for him.  This is where it could potentially get tricky.  Trust me, men have to start listening to what you say 3 or 4 times a year (before birthday, anniversary, Christmas and Valentines Day) so it’s not like you can’t do the same.  Find out what gadget he really wants and don’t be afraid to talk to the guys at the store to help you pick out which model to get.  Even if you get “the wrong” model, it’s all good if your man knows you won’t be upset if he returns it and get the model he really wants!

3 Don’ts

With the exception of the sports gear listed above, most guys don’t want clothes for Valentines Day.  Sure, you might be able to get away with a tie at Father’s Day but there’s a fine line that you walk when you buy clothes, clothes for your man.  It’s too easy for him to start thinking that you don’t like the way he dresses and you’re trying to change him.  This is never a good thing, even if he truly needs to have a woman address his drawers (dresser drawers — get your mind out of the gutter!)

I know some girls who give their man a sort-of “coupon book” at Valentines that he can cash in at a later time for things like a weekend without a honey-do list, a guilt-free evening spent with the guys, a chance to veto a chick flick in exchange for an action flick on movie night, or the ability to watch 15 straight hours of college basketball during March Madness.  While your guy might actually enjoy these little “freedoms,” it comes off a little emasculating.  Frankly, in a healthy relationship you should “let him” do these things anyway, without making them dependent on some silly coupon.  What if he told you the only way you could watch a chick flick was if you had a coupon? Every relationship calls for some level of sacrifice on both sides; coupons shouldn’t be necessary!


I know…already women all around the globe are trying in vain to pick their jaws up off the floor in disbelief at what I just said.  The simple fact is chocolate doesn’t do it for most guys.  Even guys who like chocolate are just pragmatic enough to go get themselves some chocolates if they really want them.  To be honest, I’ve never even understood the whole concept of buying women chocolate but I guess it’s lost on me because I don’t see chocolate as “my precious.”  Bottom line, unless you plan on wearing the chocolate later in the evening, don’t get him chocolate!

And it suddenly occurs to me there should be a fourth item on the “dos” list……but this is a PG blog so we’ll leave that alone!

So there you have it — 3 foolproof ways to make your man feel special on Valentines Day and 3 ways to make him hate the day even more.  As you’re trying to decide what to do for your man on Valentine’s Day remember we’re really simple beings!  It doesn’t take a lot to make us happy so don’t over-think it.  And since we’re not calculating how much your Valentine’s gift cost you don’t have to worry about saving up for occasion.

And while most guys aren’t going to try to compare what he got with his buddies, the fact that you’ve done something (anything) will give him an opportunity to brag on you to the guys, something we really want to do, as long as we can still look cool doing it.