Although I’ve been traveling for work for well over a decade now, work travel took a new turn this year with the launch of a study tour that I am planning and leading (logistically speaking) each year. Our first tour was through Greece so I got to spend 10 day traveling all over Greece, even if I was in charge of 43 other people’s food, lodging, transportation, and over all well being.

The tour was following the footsteps of the Apostle Paul but we covered a lot of other things not related to Paul or even to the Bible, including no fewer than 5 archeology museums. There is so much history in Greece that even with 10 days, you have to be selective about what you’re going to see.

After flying into Thessaloniki we traveled further north to Kavala, were Paul first landed in Macedonia. In Philippi, we saw the jail cell that held Paul and Silas and the ancient Roman road, Via Egnatia. We also visited the spot where it believed that Paul baptized Lydia. We stopped off at the Lion of Amphipolis, near where Alexander the Great was born before arriving back in Thessaloniki, where we toured the old city and the Church of St. Demetrios.

Near Vergina, we visited the royal tombs at Aigai, believed to be the resting place of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great and in Veria (known in the Bible as Berea) we visited the Alter of St. Paul.

The next stop as we traveled South was Kalabaka, near the monasteries atop the amazing rocks of Meteora. This to me was one of the most amazing sights on the tour. I just kept thinking, “I want to climb these so bad.”

We spent a night in the mountains in Arachova before visiting the Temple of Apollo in Delphi and learned that the famed Oracle of Delphi would make her predictions while high on some sort of natural gas that came from the rocks.

We drove across the Rion-Antirion Bridge into the Peloponnese and over to Corinth. We crossed the Corinth Canal on our way to Athens, where we visited the Parthenon, Mars Hill, and the ancient Agora. Our final stop on the tour was a drive down to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio.

After all my tour participants left, I took a high speed ferry to the island of Aegina and sat on the beach for a bit before flying home. It was a wonderful end to an amazing trip that I’ll never forget.